If you’re one of those who cares about keeping your guarded house at all times, you should know that security cameras They are your best option to be able to monitor everything that happens during the day and night. But if you also want to control your house without others knowing, take a look at the spy cameras that we show you below, which are so well camouflaged that nobody will notice them.

1. Mini hidden camera in closeup

This mini camera with clock HD 1080P It has WiFi enabled, so you can control the camera remotely and stream videos in real time or download videos and photos to your smart device.

It offers you hidden picture frame, Night vision led, motion detection and quick configuration of the application.

2. Spy cam on digital watch

With a 1080P HD lens, the wireless mini watch camera has better heating diffusion and resistance to ensure long service life. It has a lens whose image is clearer than any other spy device. Just insert the micro SD card and turn it on to use it.

It gives you local temperature, Motion detection and stronger night vision. Watch live videos remotely through the phone app, support Android and system iPhone.

3. Mini camera hidden in wall clock

This mini wireless camera 1080P HD It has a 2200mAh battery and supports 4 hours of recording.

It is multifunctional since it works as a real 9-inch wall clock, while working as an HD camera. You can adjust the video resolution of the 720P / 1080P camera through the app. It has motion detection.

4. Camera with rotating lens on speaker

With 1080P HD, the mini wireless camera with WEMLB speaker Invisible and undetectable, it captures hours of recording that you can access live from any device.

It gives you motion alarm detection, loop recording, WIFI transmission and 180 ° rotating lens. Its smart video motion sensor sends you instant app notifications every time it detects suspicious activity.