A tool that will leave your car shiny.

Our vehicle It is the most comfortable and practical means of transport that we can count on when having to move. That is why it is always important to preserve it and take care of every detail to prolong its useful life. A fundamental part of car care is cleaning, and thinking about this here we show you some options in pistols of high pressure so you can clean your entire car and make it look like new.

1. Accessory for cleaning with water a high pressure

It is a high quality car cleaning tool that is made with german bearings and equipped with an anti-lock tube, thick acid-proof foam bottle and an alloy gun bar.

It is an accessory that provides you with two different cleaning modes. It is efficient to clean almost any area of ​​the inside of the vehicle, as well as its exterior. The pressure it uses can be leveled to clean seats, steering wheels, rugs and more.

2. Nozzle for washing high pressure


This high pressure gun produces a enormous power Thanks to its air compressor, this design allows you to quickly remove dirt from fabrics, rugs and solid surfaces without having to spend too much on cleaning chemicals.

It allows you to save time and money since only in four steps very easy helps you to leave your car like new. Just add the water or cleaning foam, connect it to a pump and turn it on.

3. Gun professional wash


It is a high pressure cleaning tool that quickly removes dirt from your car in just four easy steps. It is made with a sturdy metal and recyclable materials that do not produce a negative impact on the environment.

This professional cleaning gun is designed to fit any design of air compressor. Its nozzle allows it to generate enormous power, which is ideal for removing dirt in cracks that you cannot reach by hand.

4. Kit cleaning for the car


A set that includes a foam bottle, a cleaning gun for the car, three spray nozzles, a microfiber glove and a spare part for hoses.

An excellent tool with which you can give it a cleaning session complete your car. Its design allows you to even thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle.