A mattress cover It is a piece specially designed to protect your bed from possible leaks, dust or other elements that may deteriorate it. Most are made of fabrics hypoallergenic They prevent the accumulation of mites and bacteria on the mattress surface. There are different types of covers with these characteristics, and here are some options.

1. Sheath waterproof mattress


This is a cover made with a soft fabric of cotton It is ideal to protect against liquids such as urine, sweat as well as dust mites and bacteria. It is ideal for people with children, pets or with dust allergies.

Its surface has a cotton curl hypoallergenic with a back lining membrane that gives it waterproof properties. It is breathable and very fluffy.

2. Mattress protector with bamboo


It has a padded surface made with ultra-soft bamboo in its upper part that endows it with a surface soft and luxurious It won’t even require a sheet to be comfortable.

It is the ideal solution to keep your mattress clean and fresh since it has a breathable membrane. This cover allows free air circulation, repels leaks and daily spills.

3. Cover with velcro closure


It is a case with Velcro and made of an absorbent fabric that protects the mattress, while ensuring the mattress cover and allows a 360 degree adjustment.

It has been made with stretchable polyester fabric and vinyl-free PVC and completely waterproof. The piece has a TPU support in all the contacts that resist any leakage towards your mattress.

4. Waterproof case e hypoallergenic


It’s a cover premium Made with 100% waterproof cotton with six sides designed to block liquids such as sweat, moisture and stains, as well as microorganisms that cause allergies.

The technology of which it is made gives it a closure that completely seals the mattress to protect it from bedbugs. It is a tough cover that is designed to block dust mites, allergens, bacteria and mold.