Repair your damaged and burned hair.

Keratin masks are characterized by repairing, restoring the natural smoothness of your hair, soaking your hair with nutrients, giving more elasticity and if you already have a keratin treatment, it can prolong the treatment time. These masks are suitable for all types of hair, it will not affect the texture of the hair, but it can repair and strengthen thanks to its proteins.

1. QUNGCO: restores and strengthens from root to tip

This keratin mask is an excellent choice for very dry, damaged hair with split ends and burned. Restores, strengthens and gives it softness and shine. It is a keratin mask of a more solid consistency, which helps to take care of sun damage, dyes, irons and dryers. Contains ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, and fruit extracts. Keratin works from root to tip, to improve its structure.

You should apply it after your shampoo for about 5 minutes, only from medium to ends. Avoid rubbing your hair very hard with the towel that you can cut and worsen its condition. Be very careful when drying your hair.

2. Majestic Pure: improves texture and eliminates dry, damaged and burned

Keratin is a protein that we have in our hair naturally, it is affected by free radicals, dyes, heat products and some lacquers. This keratin mask helps strengthen and strengthen hair, because the hair can also thin and with this it is more susceptible to damage.

It also improves the texture, removes dry and burned to give it softness day by day. You do not need a lot of product with a little distributed very well on the tips.

3. Alfaparf Milano: improve moisture and fill your hair with nutrients

This mask contains keratin and collagen mainly will help to give shine and improve the structure from the root, so that the tips can recover and are softer and healthy. This keratin mask mainly hydrates and even if you already have a keratin treatment, it will help keep it for longer. It is free of sulfates, parabens and paraffin.

If you have burned hair, the ideal is to hydrate it and improve its texture, a keratin mask fills it with nutrients, taking care of the humidity of your hair so that it does not dry out more and avoids so much frizz.

4. Wella: take care of your hair from free radicals and repair it from your breakage

It does not matter if you dyed your hair many times, if you comb it with heat, it is possible to have healthy hair. This keratin mask contains almond, argan oil and jojoba that thanks to its vitamins repairs, gives elasticity, cares for free radicals, gives it texture and prevents breakage. It is a keratin mask that can recover burned, damaged and dry hair.

It is important that do a complete treatment for your hair. From a rich moisturizing shampoo, a sunscreen and even a microfiber towel to prevent severe breakage.