Interior design is a subject that many people are passionate about as it is about beauty and comfort within the spaces that comprise our home. When it comes to decorating the room it is important to consider a number of factors to make this space a pleasant place, among them is lighting. With this in mind, here are 4 lamps for you bedside table with modern designs that you will surely love.

Canvas lamp with USB ports

This lamp is beautifully designed and features a dual USB charging port and an alternate power outlet so you can charge your phone or other devices. His design minimalist It is mainly made of fabric, has an iron base and includes a warm white LED bulb.

It is a beautiful lamp that you can proudly place on your nightstand and enjoy its functions. The bulb provides a light stable and smooth, making it better to protect your eyes while reading.

2. Night lamps with crystals

A magnificent duo of lamps made with 130 pieces of transparent glass that give it a beautiful and delicate appearance. Bring 2 USB ports incorporated into the base of each lamp. The bulbs are LED with an incandescent effect so you can light the room according to your taste.

This lamp is very easy to install and connect to the power supply, you just need to press the power button Located on the cable and you will enjoy a perfect light to read. Both pieces were worked by hand, so they are delicate pieces that will undoubtedly look beautiful on your nightstand.

3. Lamps with touch sensor and change of lights

This table lamp is activated through contact with the hand and has 256 combinations LED lights that change tone according to your preference. It has an adjustable system that has 3 levels of brightness.

Without a doubt this lamp beautifies your spaces, whether you place it in the nightstand or in your office deed. This device gives you the best lighting quality so you can read and work more efficiently.

4. Desk piece with led light spiral

A high-tech lamp with a spiral design that adds a modern touch to the room. It measures 15.7 inches tall by 4.7 in diameter so it can be placed on any table in your bedroom or office. It has integrated LED lighting and an energy saving system.

It is easy to install and will certainly attract the attention of any visitor who comes home for its beauty and unique appearance. Your nights of reading or work will be well lit thanks to this spiral design lamp.