A tool that will greatly facilitate the task of doing laundry.

One of the tasks of home It takes us longer to wash clothes, and despite having electrical appliances that make everything easier, we still have to be especially careful, especially when selecting clothes and separating them by color to prevent them from spoiling. Thinking about this, today we show you some options in baskets for Dirty clothes that allow you to divide the clothes by colors and thus make the whole process easier.

1. Basket double with cap


It is a laundry basket made with a light material and durable. The design includes two bags where clothes are stored, allowing you to move the entire basket or just the bag you need.

An option that maintains your Dirty clothes Out of sight, its shape allows it to fit into most bathrooms or closets for better storage.

2. Trolley laundry


Designed with a resistant Steel frame with silver finish. Its structure is extremely durable since it has an extra horizontal bar that gives it additional stability.

It has durable and sturdy bags with the capacity to hold 13 gallons of clothing. It is an easy to clean structure, its distribution It allows you to select each garment and the wheels allow you to move it easily.

3. Basket for folding laundry


A durable and lightweight basket that is designed with a removable aluminum frame plus a one material bag strong and durable. Its size makes it very comfortable to have in a bedroom, bathroom or laundry room.

I’ts divided into three sections so you can divide all clothes into light, colored and dark garments. Each bag can hold up to two loads of standard size clothing.

4. Laundry basket with handles


This is a great bag that is designed with a very sturdy container that allows sort clothes according to its color. It is foldable, making it ideal for storage.

A smart and stylish solution that has a lot space to keep your room, closet, bathroom or laundry room tidy-free. Its padded handles make it easy to carry.