Protect your lips from low temperatures and always keep them moisturized.

Sometimes we take so much care of every part of our body that we forget important places like the lips. However, they are generous and quickly recover from dryness as long as you have a routine and take care of them as they deserve.

The specialists They recommend not licking your lips since saliva causes dryness, that is why it is recommended to ingest at least two liters of water per day, so that all your skin remains hydrated and this includes the lips.

Include other methods to take care of them, also validso take a look at these four types of balms so that you spread on your lips and thus free them from cracks or dryness.

1. lip balm intense therapy

This balm is ideal for use on the lips when they are chapped and need to be moisturized. Using it will give you optimal sun protection so that you protect them from the harsh rays of the sun, avoiding burns. It has antioxidants and conditioners that relieve dry lips.

By smearing the balm on your lips you will bring to your skin vitamin E and the properties green tea with broad spectrum and natural emollients. You should only apply a little to your lips about 30 minutes before leaving home.

2. Mask for dry lips

This lip mask is formulated with collagen peptides so that it has a quick absorption that works by protecting the weak skin of that area. Renews tissues and eliminates dryness.

Restores not only the texture but also the beautiful color of your healthy lips, and when are dehydrated nourishes them deeply to avoid paleness.

3. Night Repair Lip Balm colorless

This colorless lipstick It is ideal for use at night, since it contains deep conditioning oils that act at night leaving lips soft and hydrated the next morning.

Quickly relieves dry and chapped lips with this formula that will undoubtedly renew the skin of your lips. It is totally hypoallergenic so it will not cause allergies in any type of skin.

4. Lip butter ultra hydrating

This lipstick is made with shea butter that deeply hydrates your lips leaving them soft and hydrated thus eliminating cracks and white lips from dryness.

By applying it to your lips you will put rosehip oil that has the function of completely renewing the skin leaving it like new, and since it does not have chemical products, it is appropriate for all skin types.