A natural and powerful element to attract good energy.

To enjoy a healthy life, full of riches and in constant harmony with the environment around you, the ideal is that you have a place in your home for natural and to the good energy, especially if you want to bring prosperity and good fortune to your day to day. That is why this time we recommend some of the best lucky bamboos that you can have at home or at work and thus attract better energies.

1. Lucky bamboo with pot with elephant

Delicate, natural and small arrangement bamboo to bring good luck to your home. It is made up of 7 6-inch stems.

From care and easy careIt includes maintenance instructions so it can last a long time at home.

2. Bamboo bouquet resistant

Plant well known for bringing good fortune and a key element in feng shui in Chinese culture. East bamboo It has the special quality of being able to grow a lot and become a tall and strong plant.

Likewise, a drop of fertilizer liquid once a week will motivate your growth. Ideal to locate as a decorative center in any space in your home. It is designed to bring good fortune into your life.

3. Braided bamboo for interiors

Indoor desktop plant. 100% natural bamboo presented in a pot of ceramics 5 inch white in excellent condition.

These stems Intricately arranged bamboo frames add a bold note to interior décor, as well as growing well on desks or tables.

4. Spiral bamboo in circular ceramic vase

Small and delicate 100% bamboo natural presented in a compact 8-inch tall hollow ceramic vase. A drop of liquid fertilizer once a week will motivate your growth.

Is plant The Lucky Bamboo house grows between 2 and 3 feet tall. Likewise, it is recommended that you grow in a pot or vase full of stones with an inch of water.