A powerful and tender charm that will accompany you in your car.

The Lucky Cats they are one of the chinese amulets most popular worldwide. There are many legends and stories attributed to it, but all agree that it is a powerful image to attract the luck, fortune and prosperity. That is why this time we show you the best pendants with Lucky Cats for you to place in your car and travel with maximum protection:

1. Pendant with infinity red knot

This pendant has been made with fine red threads, It has a design that includes the Lucky Cat in the middle and surrounded by beads of the same color that give it a special shine.

This good quality product will look beautiful in your car and will attract at the same time the best vibes to give you protection wherever you go.

2. Ceramic pendant from maneki-neko

This pendant called maneki- neko it works as a lucky charm. It is an ornament made of ceramic with fine red threads.

You can hang it not only in your vehicle but somewhere in your house to attract the good luck and protection of your home and the people that make up your core.

3. Porcelain pendant with green threads

Made of porcelain and fine textile threads with a traditional chinese knot In the middle, this lucky charm is presented.

With it you can attract health, prosperity and good luck. It is perfect to hang it in the rearview mirror of your car or anywhere in the house.

4. Double pendant with gold rings

This delicate pendant comes in a pack of two hoops with chain golden that brings two cats in each.

Will attract good fortune and riches, as well as the protection of energies to whoever takes them in their car as daily companions.