Charms charged with all the positive energy from the north.

The Norse mythology it is the set of religion, legends and beliefs of the Scandinavian peoples. These kinds of traditions were transmitted orally through epic poems and stories. As in all cultures, these peoples had their own amulets which were the objects that protected its bearer. And if you are a follower of this culture, you will surely like having one of the lucky accessories that we show you below:

1. I said of vegvisir compass


It is a pendant made with the most materials high quality covered in polished antique silver. The pendant amulet is supported by a rope made of black PVC rubber.

Vegvisir’s compass is considered a magical symbol that guide to people during bad weather days. This amulet is used both as a guide and as a protection element.

2. Viking necklace of pewter


It is an amulet consisting of a tin charm and a chain of stainless steel free of nickel, lead or chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. It has a very shiny polished finish and its texture is pleasant to the touch.

It symbolizes an element of protection that helps the wearer to keep away the bad energies and attract everything positive to your life. An excellent option that you can take with you daily.

3. Viking snake antique silver plated


It is an amulet consisting of a rustic design pendant made with a zinc alloy Antique silver plated that is totally lead, nickel and cadmium free.

It is the ideal choice for all enthusiasts of pagan traditions wicca. An amulet that you can incorporate into your everyday outfits so that luck never leaves your side.

4. Pendant tree of Life


This pendant is made with high-quality materials engraved and highly polished professional. It does not produce any type of allergic reaction when in direct contact with the skin.

The tree of life is a protection symbol which is present in most cultures. In the case of Norse mythology, it is credited with the ability to attract good fortune.