For many of us, lenses They are an indispensable accessory in our day to day. Either to be able to read or work, or simply to protect our eyes from the rays of the sun. Sometimes, we do not have the case to store them on hand, and in order not to risk losing them or perhaps causing them damage, we present these magnetic snaps with which you can hang them on your shirt or clothes with safety and style.

1. Support Magnetic for lenses

It has a patented design which is made with high quality magnets and stainless steel. They allow you to extend the life of your lenses by keeping them safe and protected at all times.

Is a uncomplicated solution It works with all kinds of clothing, shirts, blouses, tank tops, sweaters and even jean jackets. Its one size can contain all kinds of lenses.

2. Magnetic Clasp with support


This eyeglass holder is made of pewter and dripped in gold 14K, and uses neodymium magnets, allowing you to use it on all kinds of fabric thicknesses.

A fashion accessory and functional, which holds your glasses in style. With this clasp, in addition to protecting your lenses, you can add an extra striking touch to any of the garments you wear it with.

3. Clasp Tie Support

Elegantly designed, this beautiful piece It is made 100% with pewter of excellent quality. It allows you to decorate your clothing, while taking care of your glasses.

You can turn any scarf into an infinity scarf, or add an extra touch to any of your shirts with this fabulous brooch. Is a elegant way, delicate and safe to hold your glasses.

4. Magnetic Support Stainless steel

It is made with magnets high resistance and stainless steel. Ideal for readers, sunglasses, safety glasses, headphone cord, and even holding ID badges.

Very Easy to use, you just have to put the oval back plate inside and then place the clip on the front of your garment with which you decide to use it. Your glasses are always safe and protected.