The face masks They are products that provide a series of benefits when we apply it with certain frequency on our skin so that the effects we desire are generated. These may contain specialized formulas to treat skin, hands, hair, back, and even feet. If you like to keep your feet free of calluses and loose skin, then take advantage of these 4 masks that we have specially selected for you.

1. Pack of 3 patches with action scrub

This exfoliating mask has been created with botanical extracts natural that penetrate each layer of the skin and nourish it with more force. It is made from lavender rose and comes in a set of 3 envelopes where you will find a useful mask for both feet.

With this beauty treatment you can eliminate dead cells, you will moisturize dry skin, rough or cracked. With its frequent use you will give vitality to your skin and leave it soft as a baby’s.

2. Product to repair rough heels

Created with botanical extracts, this mask is ideal for treating heels that require hydration and a immediate exfoliation. This product comes in a white packaging with 2 masks for your feet.

A mask that regenerates the layers of skin, removes dead cells and gives you the possibility of enjoying softer feet with a renewed appearance. It is easy to apply and extract and can be used by all members of the family.

3. Formula for softer feet and no calluses

This mask has been made in the form of a gel so that it can be applied to the feet easily. It is made from natural ingredients and botanical extracts. The product has a pleasant rose scent.

It has the function of exfoliating and moisturizing the skin of that area and at the same time it removes cuticles and dead cells, leaving your feet soft and fresh for a long time.

4. Mask with aloe vera for exfoliate feet

This mask contains aloe vera extract, nourishing citric and lactic acids that soften the skin and much more. Its formula of natural ingredients does not harm or irritate the sensitive skin.

Exfoliating and hydrating your skin are the main objectives of this mask that is super easy to apply. Its moisturizing action works between 45 and 60 minutes and allows you to enjoy smooth and callus free.