Sleep soundly and say goodbye to back pain.

A orthopedic mattress It is a type of bed cushion, designed with the ability to address bodily pain especially in the joints, neck and back. In this sense, the designs for this type of mattress are inspired by the medical field of orthopedics, which is the discipline that deals with disorders of the skeletal muscle system of the human body.

Thus, orthopedic mattresses are a type of mattress that has been specially made to specifically provide support throughout the body, giving prompt attention to joints and back. Generally, this type of mattress is used by people with back pain, as well as any physical pain or weakness, and by people who simply want more support and firmness.

There are millions of people who suffer daily and unnecessarily from pain and discomfort, since in many cases these conditions are due to poor conditions at bedtime and the use of inadequate mattresses, either because these are too old or simply because they have poor construction and design. Therefore, a good mattress is essential, because our body needs rest to repair itself every night.

In this way our back and our spine are one of the most important parts of our body, because the spine is responsible for carrying all the nerves that are responsible for communicating to our entire body. When the back is affected or suffering from some type of ailment, our arms, our legs and especially our neck will also suffer the reflection of this condition.

Likewise, when we do not rest well and feel all these pains, this aspect will undoubtedly influence the performance of our daily activities. Is this the reason why orthopedic mattresses They have been designed to benefit the whole body, while being responsible for providing a restful and comfortable sleep so that you wake up in the morning refreshed and without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Therefore, orthopedic mattresses work by supporting the entire body, while reducing stress on the back, neck and joints, thus relieving pressure points, thus providing a high level of comfort. and at the same time avoiding the stiffness that we can feel when getting up. Thus, these mattresses have inside the springs of the highest caliber and more durable.

These types of orthopedic mattresses are considered to be the most durable and with a much longer useful life. Also, we can find orthopedic mattresses made with a special foam and which do not contain springs, but still offer the same benefits for rest as traditional orthopedic mattresses. In this way, we can find a variety of types according to needs and preferences.

Finally, thanks to medical innovations and research developed in the field of orthopedics, mattress manufacturers have used this information to improve their products and thus gain an advantage in the market. In such a way that at present we can find a range of possibilities in terms of orthopedic mattresses, such as those we can see below.

1. Orthopedic mattress Mounted


This is an orthopedic mattress specially designed to provide a better night’s sleep, since takes care of reducing pressure points to help you fall asleep much faster. It has the perfect level of support, since it is firm but at the same time it gives you comfort.

It has the best quality and is ready to use, it is a perfect option to enjoy a peaceful and comforting sleep every nightIt reduces back, neck and joint pain because it is specially designed to support every inch of your entire spine.

2. Orthopedic mattress 3 layer


It is a mattress that has been designed to help you sleep perfectly at night, it is luxurious and with internal springs. It uses this technology of internal springs in order to be able provide soft, yet firm support. The pockets of the springs are filled with foam to give the sensation of lying down in the air.

It is also finished with a cotton pillow for maximum comfort and beauty. Thanks to its first quality contains antimicrobial fibers and soft comfort foam layers for a healthier, more luxurious sleeping surface. You can use it with a platform bed or simply with a centralized support frame.

3. Mattress Orthopedic Sleeping


This is an easy to carry mattress, it comes rolled in a box with handles and wheels so you can take it wherever you want. It has been designed with the benefit of independently coated coils to reduce pressure, while providing correct alignment for the back, neck and spine.

An excellent option that allows you to recharge your whole body and mind every night with the ideal rest. Its shape and composition are in charge of fulfilling the objective of provide both quality and comfort. Every night of sleep your back rests and adjusts with each of the support points that this mattress has for you.

4. Pocket Mattress No Built-In Speaker


This is an orthopedic mattress with 1800 non-recessed shaped speakers wrapped with pockets. Has been designed to ensure your shoulders, back and hips are properly alignedAs it offers both cushioning and support.

Also designed with advanced sleep technologies combined with high quality materials to offer firmness and comfort. It is also responsible for keeping your spine aligned throughout the night. You feel the softness while enjoying a feeling of firm and adequate rest for your whole body.