We want to have it all in our technological devices: photos, videos, music, e-books, applications… However, sometimes the Storage capacity of our cell phone is not enough or is not as much as we would like. So that this is no longer an impediment and you can save hundreds of photos and videos on your mobile, here we leave you 4 micro SD memories large capacity.

1. Micro SD memory PNY Elite

Memory card with 128 GB of storage and U1 technology. It has up to 85 MB / s read speed and is classified as Class 10, ensuring fast file transfer.

This memory is ideal for the latest models of smartphones, tablets, cameras and drones. Its 128 GB of storage and its U1 technology make it one of the most efficient memories to store HD videos.

2. 200Gb micro SD memory SanDisk

SanDisk Ultra micro SD card. It has a capacity of 200GB storage and U1 technology. Includes adapter.

Ideal for smartphones and tablets with system Android. Suitable for transferring read speeds of up to 100MB / s. It is shock, temperature, water and X-ray proof.

3. Micro SD memory Samsung

Memory card Samsung with capacity of 256GB storage, reading speed of 100MB / s (U3). Includes adapter.

This memory has a high performance for 4K UHD video recording and to store photos, games and music on your cell phone or smartph It is waterproof and shock resistant.

4. Micro SD memory Silicon Power

SP Elite memory with 128GB storage, compatible with UHS-system equipment. Includes SD adapter.

Not surprisingly it is one of the best-selling for Amazon. This memory allows you to store applications of all kinds, 850 minutes of videos, 16,000 songs and up to 24,000 photos.