The best models!

Are you looking for a new cell phone Samsung make it cheap and powerful? In this guide we show you 4 models for less than $ 300 that you can find at Amazon.

1. Samsung Galaxy A10

In this samsung cell We found a device with a 6.2 ”screen in HD +, which is the smallest in the guide. It is a Dual SIM model, with 32GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM. As for its cameras, the rear is 13MP and the selfie 5MP. It is a simple cell phone with good features, for those who want a Samsung simple and inexpensive.

With more than 2,600 reviews on Amazon, this is the best-selling cell phone in the guide, and it is also the cheapest with a price less than $ 200. It is a cell phone compatible with GSM phone cards such as AT&T or T Mobile. Customers mention about this cell phone that it has good characteristics

2. Samsung Galaxy A20

With a 6.4 ”screen HD + with technology AMOLED, East samsung cell It is a version of the United States, with a 12-month warranty in that country and compatible with GSM and CDMA. Includes 32GB internal memory, which can be expanded up to 512GB with a card Micro SD, 2GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery that supports fast charging. On the back it has a 2-lens camera: 13MP and 5MP, and on the front an 8MP camera.

This device has a current 20% discount on Amazon and you can find it in black, blue or red. It has more than 1,400 reviews, where customers mention that this model has a great price-quality ratio and that it stands out for its large, high-quality screen.

3. Samsung Galaxy A30 cS

In this international model, Samsung galaxy A30S it has a 6.4 ”screen with super technology AMOLED, 64GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM. In addition, it has a 25MP, 8MP and 5MP 3-lens rear camera, and a camera selfie 16MP. This mode includes a card Micro SD 64GB to have double the storage on your cell ph

With 4.5 stars, this is the best rated Samsung cell phone of the guide and is in black, red, purple and white. Its price is less than $ 250 and it is well valued by customers in Amazon, which highlight its quality features at a low price, the option of placing 2 SIM cards and a camera with good performance.

4. Samsung Galaxy A50

On the cell phone Samsung A50 we find a screen of 6.4 “in quality Full HD+. It is an international version compatible with GSM cards, but not CDMA. It includes 64GB internal memory, expandable up to 512GB, 4GB RAM, a 25MP, 5MP and 8MP 3-lens rear camera, and a 25MP front camera.

It is the most modern cell phone in the guide, with a current 10% discount on Amazon. Customers mention about this model that it is an economical and highly functional alternative for anyone, with a large, quality screen and good photographs. In addition, they mention that it has a quality construction and that its battery lasts a long time.