Keep the cell phone safe in your hands!

Do you want an accessory that helps you hold your phone more safely and also serves as a support? In recent times, cell phone mounts have been gaining ground for their functionality. By having our cell phone all day with us and getting bigger, it is sometimes difficult to keep it safe in your hands. Then these products come to the rescue, in which you can comfortably place your fingers and do more, with your cell phone very secure.

1. PopSockets

This support is rubber, with a plastic upper part where you can show your personality. Is about one of the best-known supports, from the Popsockets brand, which folds up when you don’t use it. You can find many design options, like this diamond shaped or with original prints, like this one marble. In addition to helping you hold your phone, it allows you to place it on a flat surface to watch videos, for example.

It is the most recognized brand, which offers many design options to suit all tastes. They have a price that does not exceed $ 10 and allows you to change its upper part to adapt it to each case, for example. Further, the glue included is reusable, allowing to reposition the Popsocket as many times as you want. Although it works with most cases, this holder may not adhere well to certain types of silicone or highly textured surfaces.

2. Ring-shaped bracket FitFort

After the Popsocket, one of the most used supports are those that have a ring shape that consist of a base that adheres to the cell phone and a metal circle that rotates 360 ° and adapts to different positions of your hand. With this ring holder you can keep your cell phone hooked to any finger, carry it hanging, use it as a support on a table or even put it in your car with the accessory that is sold separately.

Although there is no specific brand of this support, you can find many quality versions, such as this FitFort and other formats like this flower shaped pattern. Its about best selling support, for its versatility. As a negative point, this support does not allow the phone to rest completely horizontally from the back and can also make wireless charging difficult.

3. Lovehandle

With a similar operation to the previous one, LoveHandle is an elastic strip that allows you to place one or more fingers to hold your cell ph It does not serve as a support on a horizontal surface like the other models, but they maintain the aesthetics of your cell phone without bulking it. In addition, with LoveHandle you can place your cell phone horizontally and also charge it wirelessly.

Its about cheapest guide bracket, with a price less than $ 10. It is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, to adapt to each cover, and you can also get an accessory for your car, and take advantage of your LoveHandle as support while driving.

4. 2 in 1: Popsocket and wallet

From the same brand as the first model, This cell phone holder provides double functionality in a single product. With this you get a wallet and a Popsocket, which increase the functionality of your cell ph Due to its elastic sides, up to 3 credit cards enter the wallet. On the other hand, although the Popsocket is fixed on the wallet, its upper part can be exchanged for another design.

Available in 6 design optionsThis is the most versatile accessory, since in addition to a support for your fingers and table, it gives you a small wallet. Despite being priced in excess of $ 20, customers in Amazon highlight its great functionality on a daily basis.