Find a place for each plug.

Due to the amount of electronic devices that we use today, it is very difficult for the plugs that we have at home or in the office to reach everything. In general, we add a multiple outlet, but this makes the floor a mess of cables. In this guide we propose another solution, which will help you take advantage of each socket in the space in an organized way and also protect you against surges.

1. Powrui with 8 inputs

With this product from Powrui You get 6 sockets spaced out so they can fit large cables and also two USB inputs on the front. In addition, it has a light on the front so that you can find it more easily and plug in your devices if it is located in a dark place.

This is The guide’s best-selling product, priced at $ 19.97 and it is ideal for using large plugs, such as computer chargers or household appliances, due to the large separation between the inputs thanks to the design of this product. In Amazon, customers highlight its great design that allows you to plug in all kinds of devices and that helps them organize their spaces.

2. Powrui with 6 plugs and 2 USB

From the same brand as the previous model, this accessory Powrui offers the same number of tickets, but with a different design. With a rectangular shape, this device has all the inputs on the front: 6 plugs and 2 USB, making it better for small size plugs. Due to its design, it allows you to place a cell phone or tablet on top while charging, so as not to leave it on the floor.

It is one of the best rated products on the list, with 4.7 stars in Amazon and a price of $ 13.97. Customers mention that it is a very useful accessory in the kitchen or office, which allows you to plug in all the necessary devices and also gives the option of charging the cell phone thanks to its USB ports.

3. Philips 6 plugs

From the renowned brand PhilipsThis accessory offers 6 plugs in a rectangular design with rounded edges. There is plenty of space between the two rows of sockets, so it can be used for large sockets.

The cheapest on the list for your current discount, with a price of $ 8.49. It differs from other products by not including USB inputs, but offers brand support Philips. In Amazon, customers mention that the plugs are too close to each other on the sides, so some appliances may not fit in, and some had issues with surge protection.

4. Tessan of 5 inputs

With a compact design, this product Tessan It offers 3 plugs and 2 USB ports, and is ideal for taking advantage of one wall outlet without plugging the other. Also, by having each input on one side of the cube, you can fit large plugs. It is an ideal accessory for the kitchen, bathroom or office.

Although it offers fewer inputs than the other products, the accessory Tessan It is very compact, ideal for a small space, and has a price of $ 16.99. As a cons, this product does not offer overvoltage protection.