An effective and comfortable alternative to exercise your muscles.

Sometimes we do not have the weather nor with the sufficient will to continue long and demanding training sessions. However, part of our Health and the proper functioning of our Body going to depend on these. Thinking about this type of people and those with a special medical condition, experts have developed muscle stimulators for exercise without much effort, And here are some of the best options available to you.

1 unit TEM EMS


It has 24 pre-programmed massage modes for pain and muscle relief, so this unit Helps reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of physical and medical conditions.

Thanks to its portable size you can use it in the office, in the car, during trips or on the move. It works for you back, roller, shoulders, ankle, wrists and elbows.

2. Massager by Electronic Pulses


Has been specially designed for globetrotters and the elderlyIt includes a backlight for older people to see the backlit LCD display. It has 15 modes and 4 outputs.

Helps you treat specific multi zones with twenty adjustable levels of intensity and frequency, special to reduce pain, stimulate muscles and nerves, as well as relax your body.

3. Stimulator ABS


Special for body muscle training, helps tone, tighten and strengthen the muscles of your body, in order to gain a better figure with its consecutive use.

It is powerful and efficient, is designed for abs, arms, legs, hips and waist. You only need to invest twelve minutes per session and adopt ten levels of intensity.

4. Massager Pulse

It is very easy to use, the application modes such as neck, shoulder, back, elbow, hip, foot / hand, knee, joint, knead, touch and random are clearly marked on your screen.

his large backlit LCD screen shows you exactly what you need for your specific area. You can use it anytime, anywhere, plus it requires no more than a few minutes of use.