The hands They are our business card, since it is one of the places where the eyes are fixed in a conversation and are in charge of showing our style, as well as our personality. So that your hands and your nail be beautiful you must cuidate them, keep them hydrated and use special products that allow you to have shiny and strengthened nails, like the ones we show you below.

1. Chemistry German


This is one of the products that has been specifically formulated for nail care and strengthening. Its components are responsible for making your nails grow strong and hydrated.

You can use it as manicure base or just leave your nails alone with this polish. It gives you a shiny, healthy look and best of all, your hands look fabulous.

2. Enamel Nail hardener


This is the perfect choice for weak and damaged nails, provides maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger and more natural nails.

Thus, calcium and protein are responsible for building manicure ready nails, they are harder, longer and much stronger. You can use it as an independent treatment or as a base coat.

3. Hardener for nails


Designed to provide maximum nail strengthening, with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. His formula is responsible for creating harder nails, longer and much stronger.

You only need to apply a layer on your clean nails, in this way works as a base coat before the manicure and also, you can use it only as a strengthening treatment.

4. Nail Polish with Horse Herb Extract


It is a special formula It works great on nails that break, crack, flake and have no flexibility. It is enriched with a formula to harden and strengthen at the same time.

You can notice its efficiency after five to seven days of using it, for best results you only need apply a coat to your nails every day. A simple option to change the appearance of your hands.