Purify the energies of your home and fill it with peace and harmony.

Since ancient times it has been associated with pyramids with the divine, since for many these structures are channelers of Energy, and that is why they are also made with quartz crystals to enhance its energy and healing effects. So if you suffer from any physical, mental or spiritual discomfort, and also want to bring abundance, love and prosperity to your life, take a look at these natural crystal pyramids that will help you transmute bad energies and turn them into only positive things for you and your home.

1. Natural crystal pyramid multicolored

Made in orgone Thanks to the combination of organic resin and inorganic metal, it includes a combination of quartz crystals and other crystals, which have been charged with positive intentions before their creation.

It will help you filter and balance the energy fields of your environment, thus helping you to strengthen your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency. Wherever you put this orgone, you will keep the air and life force in your home.

2. Crystal quartz pyramid for energy balance

The pyramid is handmade with crystal Quartz and measures approximately 2.2 inches across the width of the base. It comes in a beautiful gift bag.

With her you can channel energy and achieve balance, helping you bring peace and harmony. Perfect for use in meditation, healing, exhibition, spiritual practice and balancing of chakras.

3. Green Jade Pyramid for the heart

Made in green jade or stone of dreams or of the heart, the pyramid measures approximately 2 ″ and it comes in well protected in a gift bag.

Jade is the heart stone. As such, it is related to the heart chakra, therefore it can attract true love for you, as well as improve your relationships. It also helps you maintain balance and emotional stability. In addition to it, it also attracts abundance.

4. Rose Quartz Pyramid for love and peace

This pyramid is made of rose quartz and it has measures of 32mm wide and 25mm high. It comes in a beautiful gift box.

You can use it to heal, balance chakras, protect yourself from negative energies and promote unconditional love and peace. It also facilitates forgiveness and self-acceptance, as it invokes self-esteem and self-confidence.