The rest you deserve so much after a hard day working.

The stress It is one of the factors that most commonly causes discomfort and health problems in the adult population. This affects the neck and back more intensely, which causes a large amount of discomfort at the muscular level. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with these pains, and these massagers They guarantee a safe and comfortable relief, ideal to recover after a long day of work.

Shiatsu Massager for shoulders and neck

East electric massager It is designed to fit the shoulder and neck area. It has a Shiatsu massage function that helps relax tissues and muscles through controlled pressure.

It is covered by a soft layer of PU leather and a breathable mesh to offer a warm and comforting treatment. The device includes three speeds so you can choose between a slow, medium and fast massage.

2. 16 node pillow with heat system

An efficient electric neck and back massager that operates on its own heat system integrated. It has 16 massage nodes, to provide an experience that is as relaxing as possible.

The device provides immediate relief to the neck, cervical, shoulder and upper back areas. Your design pillow allows you to place yourself in the most comfortable position to relax your body and receive your massages.

3. Compact and portable size massager with traveling bag

Electric thin tissue massager that relieves accumulated tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and upper back. his portable size makes it very easy to store and carry with you.

It is equipped with a heating system It improves the circulation of the blood system while relaxing the muscles and freeing them from any kind of tension caused by stress.

4. Rechargeable cushion with adjustable belt

A fully electric massage system rechargeable to take anywhere and always have it within reach. Designed to alleviate ailments in the tissues and muscles of the shoulders, neck and back.

It provides immediate relief due to its heating system that slightly increases blood pressure. It is equipped with a adjustable belt which gives you the possibility of adjusting it to any type of seat that has a backrest.

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