Perfect for visits to the bathroom at night.

Light is an extremely important element within our homes, especially at night when natural light is more limited. Good lighting is essential in bathrooms, especially when living with children or older adults. A very useful accessory to have inside your bathroom are the night lights for the toilet that are activated by movement. That is why here we show you some options that you can add to your home.

1. Package night lights for toilets

This set of two lights specially designed for the bathroom, equipped with LED light and a high-quality motion sensor that automatically turns on when detect movement and they will stay on for up to two minutes.

You can choose between 8 different colors. They are super functional and you can give light to the entire bathroom during the early morning, avoiding trips and accidents at night.

2. Device activated by the movement

This integrated light motion detection sensor has the ability to detect body heat. The device automatically illuminates all the room and turns off as the person leaves the bathroom.

Colors include blue, turquoise, red, purple, indigo, green, yellow, amber, orange, white, and many more. You can make the night light on your toilet light with an intensity that you can easily adjust thanks to its 5 brightness levels.

3. Night light for toilet

A device with a built-in motion sensor that causes the light to activate immediately when the person passes near the bath. Once heat has been detected, the person automatically illuminates the room with up to 16 different colors.

It has a compact and attractive design that you can comfortably have in your bathroom and thus make it safer for your family. You can go to the bathroom late at night, being sure that you will not inconvenience any

4. Bowl of motion sensor

With a particular bowl-shaped design, this night light especially for the toilet has different colors to keep your bathroom well lit. It has a highly sensitive pyroelectric sensor that detects body heat and automatically illuminates the toilet when you feel movement near it.

It is very easy to install and works with three AAA batteries that allow it to function efficiently for up to three months. Its soft light and adjustable intensity allows you to enter the bathroom at night without waking anyone up.