Repair your lips and show them off with a cute lipstick.

The lip masks are responsible for hydrating, prevents them from breaking and looking smooth. No matter the season, cold and heat can affect your lips in the same way. There are nighttime lip masks that treat your lips delicately, to give moisture, softness, hydration and without cracks.

1. Laneige: beautiful lips every morning

Probably one of the most popular lip masks. It helps a lot to chapped and dry lips. Help to penetrate your skin and repair the lips every night. This is a mask that you must apply before going to sleep, place a little product with the spatula on your lips.

Its aroma is berries and you will notice changes on your lips in 2 weeks, always apply with the spatula because if you apply it with your fingers, the mask can be a little sticky.

2. CARENEL: hydrates and removes dead cells

This lip mask helps remove dead cells of the skin, for its content of vitamin C. It has a high content of nutrients to give it hydration all night. Some women have noticed improvements in their lips and have even noticed them thicker.

Apply the product by the nights after to do all your beauty routine. Its texture is not heavy or sticky at all. She has beautiful lips every day.

3. Once Upon A Tea: Vitamin E, coconut oil and green tea to care, hydrate and repair lips

This mask is made of green tea and contains coconut oil and vitamin E, so it works to make them more hydrated and free of dryness. If you have small cracks or skin, it will help you remove them without leaving patches on your lips. Don’t forget to use a lip balm plus a lip mask, this will help your lips to always be moisturized.

If you are not one of those who likes green tea, you can go for the vanilla-scented option. You do not need to apply much product, you will notice how will last for several months.

4. Burt’s Bees: natural ingredients for radiant lips

Nighttime lip masks focus on moisturizing and repairing while you sleep as your skin is renewed night after night. Is mask has bee honey that will help you eliminate cracks, be hydrated and look healthy. The lip masks do not have any contradiction, if you have very sensitive skin, do the test a few hours before on your arm to see if you notice any irritation.

Do not apply so much product because it could leave you feeling heavy or very sticky. Tea it will last for many months. If you get pimples around your mouth, prevent the product from touching these pimples.