Fat is what lets your brain know that you don’t have to eat anymore.

During the 90s one of the worst fashions you could imagine came, the fashion of fat-free products. And although fat has a bad reputation, reality is super necessary for your health.

You will see, so that your cells can do nutrient exchange they need fat, so that your brain receives the signal from the leptin hormone that you are already satisfied, there is no hunger and you can stop eating, it needs fat. Fat is what lets your brain know that you don’t have to eat anymore. When you use fat-free products or when you limit the amount of fat you consume, what you are doing is causing your body to not know if you are already satisfied or not after a meal, making the hunger signal keep on.

Likewise, vitamins A, D, E and K, which play a very important role in calcium adhesion, hormonal regulation and fertility are soluble in fat, therefore, it is difficult for our body to absorb them when it is not fat, which leads to creating deficiencies that in turn cause conditions of health. It is all a domino effect.

Sure, there are fats and there are fats. Saturated and trans fats are terrible for your body. The tans fats you find in margarine, processed foods, soda, candy, refined pastries, and some peanut butters are not good for your body. Why? Although sometimes they are naturally in some meats, in certain butters and milk, they are usually created industrially with hydrogen and liquid fat bonds that help to preserve products better. These fats raise bad cholesterol – LDL – and decrease good cholesterol – HDL – which leads to hardening of the arteries and the formation of plaques, thus increasing the risk of heart conditions.

You may be a fan of the P&B sandwich and you’re thinking you can’t stop eating peanut butter. The truth is you don’t have to give up peanut butter, just find the best quality for your body. You can also experiment with other nut or seed butters alternatives they can give you a twist interesting to your palate.

Here are some of them:

  1. Coconut butter – It is made from the pulp of the coconut and its oil, therefore it has fiber, so it benefits double. Add it to your smoothies, use it for desserts, put it on bread. Experiment and enjoy.
  2. Sesame or Tahini butter – Tahini is the paste of sesame seeds. It is one of the special ingredients of the beloved hummus. Tahini can be spread on apple chips for a snack or added to smoothies. Let the imagination run wild and enjoy it
  3. Sunflower seed butter – Delicious and high in protein and loaded with magnesium, an essential mineral for maintaining good hormonal and reproductive health.
  4. Macademia butter– full of antioxidants that can benefit your digestive health and improve heart health. This jewel has a delicious flavor that you can combine in smoothies, spread on breads or fruits and enjoy it a lot.

By: Mayra Ortiz-Nieves

Women’s Health Coach

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist