Nowadays science has shown us that both bags and the rest of the articles made from plasticThey can last on the planet for up to approximately 400 years until they finally decompose completely. The truth is that this type of data, beyond sounding interesting, is also a subject that arouses the concern of all those who find themselves willing to contribute positively to the environment.

However, it is a reflection that we must take into account when choosing the tools with which we intend to make our day easier that we carry every day and begin to think about how we can contribute from the home with positive actions that are reflected in future generations. An ideal place to start imposing habits to collaborate with the care and preservation of the environment is our own dwelling, since in it we can generate positive changes that reduce the use of products made from plastic; And ironic as it may sound, a good idea is to start by changing the bags that are used to deposit the garbage.

You always have to keep in mind that all those waste of our daily activities, this automatically makes them a very profitable option to start using the so-called biodegradable bags and start placing them in all the garbage and waste deposits. These bags made of less harmful materials for the environment are a very good alternative to keep your home in optimal conditions, at the same time that you reduce the use of materials that affect the planet negatively.

Keep in mind that leaving conventional trash bags aside would you contribute to reduce the accumulation of plastic products in the ocean that currently already exceed 80 and 90 percent of their presence in this environment. Changes as simple as these contribute to preserving life and fauna Marine that they would be at a lower risk of disappearing, and by decreasing the use of these plastic parts, it is contributing positively to creating changes that will have a considerable influence in the years to come.

The useful life of each plastic bag is a few hours maximum, however with optimal conditions these can take between 4 to 10 centuries to decompose completely. Now more than ever, it is crucial to change this habit in a progressive and constant way. Hundreds of researchers and websites Specialists ensure that starting to reduce the use of plastic bags in the home is the most efficient way to start promoting positive changes within the community.

Now the biodegradable bags they are mostly made of vegetal fibers that are extracted from plants such as corn, potato starch or cassava, since these have proven to be as resistant as the plastic bags that are distributed commercially, but with the difference that when leaving them many days with waste inside begin to decompose so natural.

If you are already in this movement of seeking to return to planet a little bit of so many good things that it has given us, you could start by using one of these 4 options of biodegradable bags that we have selected for you and encourage its use to each of the members of your family circle.

1. Pack of 6 rolls of garbage bags

This set of 6 rolls of biodegradable bags They have been created with naturally decomposing vegetable starch and completely free of toxic compounds that can be harmful to health. They are of a size that can be easily adapted to conventional garbage cans. In this presentation they come with a total of 120 ecological bags.

Without a doubt it is one of the best environmental choices you can use in your home. They are small and pleated at the bottom and are super tough, so they give you a stable and safe container when discarding them. Contribute to the planet and use this set of biodegradable bags that you can take anywhere.

Sacks 4 gallon biodegradable

In white, they have been designed with biodegradable materials that do not smell or produce unpleasant odors. These trash bags cover 4 to 6 gallons to store more waste. One of the strengths is that they have a good resistance since its resistant fibers allow it to support about 11 pounds of weight. Its decomposition process does not exceed 180 days to avoid contributing to the environmental contamination process. It has a leak proof design for its capacity.

It helps create awareness in people and promotes ecology as a sustainable and healthier way of life. Sometimes we focus so much on solving home situations quickly that we don’t take into account the things we do wrong for the environment. With these bags ecological you can do your part to take care of the planet and also keep your home free of any debris.

3. Lumps with ecological certificate

With a beautiful design and green hue like that of the leaves of the trees, they were created under the strictest quality controls and have the certificates of organizations and specialists in environmental care. These bags hold up to 13 gallons. The creative brand Unni, have designed some garbage bags that meet all the standards and international requirements approved by the composting programs of the United States and Europe.

If you are looking for strong bags, resistant to all kinds of waste that you can produce at home or in the office, at the same time that you want them to be able to degrade quickly so as not to negatively harm the environment, without a doubt the Unni design is the one you are looking for. They come packed in a box made with natural materials that do not harm the ecosystem and has a total of 50 units per box.

4. Biodegradable garbage adaptable to any room

A package of 100 units of fully biodegradable green bags that come in an ideal set for you to have at home, in the office or take them in your car. They are made of cast made from cornstarch and other renewable plant resources. These bags are large in size and have the capacity to store between 4 to 6 gallons.

These green plastic bags are suitable for cleaning your office or home areas such as the bathroom, living room, bedrooms and even in your private vehicle so you always have a place to put your waste. An efficient way to keep each of your spaces clean and take care of the environment at the same time.