From the age of 45 the woman stops producing estrogen and progesterone, causing the menstrual period to stop coming. This stage is known as menopause and it is accompanied by annoying and uncomfortable symptoms that affect the daily life of women. In order to alleviate these symptoms there are many treatments, and one of the natural ways to alleviate them is by taking herbal teas, like the ones we recommend below

1. Mix of organic ingredients without caffeine

This is a refreshing tea that will support you during menopause. It is made from organic ingredients like aloe vera, orange and pineapple leaves.

It will help you have a more relaxed life, because it contributes to improving your concentration and control hot flashes. You can even enjoy it cold, accompanied by some ice cubes.

2. Tea to balance your body temperature

This is an organic tea that has been created for premenopausal women and menopausal. Its formula contains herbal blends and a slight mint and raspberry flavor.

It will help balance body temperature and decrease hot flashes while you sleep. It is a very easy to do and you can take it up to 2 or 3 times a day.

3. Package with 18 sachets of Chinese tea

This is a Chinese tea made from ginseng roots, dong quai root, and turmeric. Comes in a presentation of 18 sachets individual tea.

Each cup of tea will help you promote blood circulation, reduce hot flashes overnight and promote better hormonal balance.

4. Infusion to drink cold or hot

It is a totally organic tea with a extraordinary taste. It consists of motherwort, nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, chaste tree berry, damiana, black cohosh, red clover and licorice root.

Each of its components will help you to have a better hormonal balance and alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause. This tea is a great support during menopause.