Options for calm and delicate women …

There are all kinds of women, and fortunately a variety of perfumes for each. Every woman is undoubtedly a lover of a good perfume. Those of us who are addicted to glamor and romance prefer those with fragrances and a soft aroma. For this reason, we share here a selection for you to choose the perfume that best suits your style and personality, especially if you are very calm and delicate.

1. Vera Wang perfume Embrace:

This perfume It is characterized by its main note consisting of mandarin and Damascus rose. Its fragrance has hints of Persian violet, magnolia and iris, sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

If you are a practical and romantic woman, you will surely like this fragrance, since its distinctive oriental-floral scent will make you feel elegant and feminine anywhere and in any climate. Available on Amazon for less than $ 30.

2. Perfume Womanity from Thierry Mugler:

Womanity is sweet and soft fragrance, and very seductive. It also includes a fruity touch, giving it a youthful and fresh air to adapt easily to any age.

It is a perfume that transmits freshness. It is perferable to use during the spring and summer days. You can use it at a party or special event and you will not go unnoticed at any time. Available under $ 60.

3. Perfume Garden Botanika Heart:

This perfume It is designed from a powdered blend of gardenias, jasmine, and roses mixed with orange, cedar, and cardamom, and deepened with a hint of warm musk. Net content of 3.38 ounces.

The fragrance is free of any product that can damage the skin such as parabens or gluten, so you can use it at any time and time of day. It is among the Top 30 best sellers on Amazon.

4. Perfume Coco Mademoiselle de Chanel:

Coco Chanel It is made up of two main brand ingredients, such as jasmine and Florentine iris. In addition, it has a touch of orange, bergamot, grapefruit, rose and vanilla extracts, which makes its aroma fresh.

Its fragrance Soft and sweet they are ideal for those simple and calm women in life, because they provide an enigmatic sensation that gives a unique stamp to your personality.