An easy and cheap surveillance alternative for your home

One of the great advantages that new technologies have brought societies has been the development of real-time broadcasts, and integration not only with people but also with spaces, machines and other artifacts. Among them are the surveillance cameras with which you can easily and in a very practical way, keep track of your home. Look at the following options that we recommend below and increase the surveillance of your home in a simple and efficient way.

1. Wireless system HeimVision HM241

This is a HeimVision HM241 wireless security camera system, with eight channels and 1080 resolution for exterior and interior spaces. It works extensively in night vision and motion detection.

This system you can easily control and apply settings flexible and intuitive, just by connecting the wireless cameras to have a mobile remote vision.

2. Camera for Wansview Exteriors

The Wansview outdoor camera has advanced features for permanent and better home surveillance, with 1080 resolution level, it is wireless and incorporates WiFias well as a waterproof membrane with night vision and motion detection.

This camera allows you remote access that will allow you to have a wide surveillance vision thanks to the four mega pixel HD lenses which also integrates. It is an efficient accessory that will help you protect your home no matter where you are.

3. Wireless camera rechargeable

It is a rechargeable camera for indoor and outdoor areas with a Motion detection for perfect night vision and waterproof layer, plus two audio tracks and cloud storage and micro SD card compatibility.

It is easy to install and connect with your device mobile, in addition to its design greatly facilitates its maneuvering and handling.

4. Bullet camera with detection HD motion

This camera has the ability to recognize movements and an efficient infrared night vision, as well as a waterproof layer for safety and security at all times. It has two audio channels, burglar alarm and remote storage.

With this camera you will be able to have a viewing distance up to 50 feet in dark areas and capture clear images and videos, in addition to not having to worry about the onslaught of the environment as it is resistant to water and dust.