Conquer the love of your life with these seductive perfumes.

In war and love everything goes. That is why the pheromone perfumes They have become so popular among people looking for a partner or who want to conquer everyone in their path. With the use of these fragrances, you can guarantee to capture everyone’s attention and become a true professional of the seduction. If you want to try your luck in love, take a look at the following options:

1. RawChemistry: Perfume with pheromones for women

Perfume with pheromones for women with special ingredients to attract men. Comes in a 1oz presentation with a delicate and captivating scent.

No man will be able to resist your charms if you use this fragrance. Contains pharmaceutical grade human pheromones that have effectiveness up to 24 hours after application.

RawChemistry: Perfume with pheromones for men

Perfume with proprietary pheromone blend to attract women and enhance sexual connection. It comes in a 1oz presentation to captivate all women in your path.

It has a mixture of special pheromones for capture your partner’s attention. With just a small application you can already notice the results and extra attention.

3. Pure Instinct: Perfume in oil with pheromones

In a traveling presentation, this perfume in oil contains natural ingredients and pheromones to enhance your sexual attractiveness.

It provides many benefits; such as increased confidence, improved mood and a positive attitude. With one application per day it’s enough to start capturing all eyes.

4. Sexy Life: Moss and pheromones for women

Made in Paris, this is a concentrated formula of female pheromones that combined with moss aroma gives you an irresistible aroma for any man.

It lasts 24 hours and is made with pharmaceutical grade pheromones. It is everything you need to go out and conquer catch the love of your life.

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