A flirtatious and feminine fragrance at your fingertips.

Choose a fragrance It is not easy, but if you are looking for one that brings you elegance, sensuality, warmth and femininity at the same time, the fragrances of Perry Ellis may be a good choice for you. They are perfumes that are specially designed for women elegant and femininebut they stay in a range affordable, so you can have various fragrances and use them according to the occasion or time of day that you want. Take a look at the options that we show you below by less than $ 50 that will give a special touch to your day to day.

360º by Perry Ellis

360º by Perry Ellis is a perfume that contains notes of tangerine, amazonian lily and melon with a moderate trail. At its core it contains sage and lavender; until you reach a base of vetiver, amber and musk.

It is an innovative fragrance of the floral olfactory family It will not go unnoticed due to its wake, and due to its freshness and naturalness, it is recommended for use in the spring.

2. Perry Ellis: 18

18 of Perry Ellis is born from the floral fruit family with its combination of notes where vanilla, mojito and water lily stand out. As well as its delicious touches of sandalwood and pink orchid that will let you know that it is of a superior quality.

This perfume is perfect for you to use during your day to day, since it gives you elegance and security with every step you take. But the best thing is that thanks to its dry touch it is perfect for you to wear during the cold of winter.

3. Perry Ellis for women

This Perry Ellis perfume has a composition where fruit notes stand out of the plum, the apple and the tangerine; as well as some floral notes at its core formed by gardenia, jasmine and lily; and of course its incomparable base of amber, vanilla and musk.

It is certainly a fragrance that It will make you stand out as a sensual and elegant figure, without becoming excessive. So it is highly recommended for you to wear informally, especially for summer and autumn due to its pleasant sweet aroma.

360º Purple by Perry Ellis

This fragrance has a combination of blackberry, peach and apple blossom; until arriving at a heart formed by jasmine, tuberose and lilies of the valleys. You can get it for $ 30.19.

It is a mixture of addictive notes that give you a air of sensuality, elegance and naturalness. Although you should not forget that it will also provide you with a dominant posture for its long duration and its soft wake that is of a pleasant warmth for any time of the year.

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