Delicious smoothies that will help you reach your ideal weight.

When we undergo a regimen to lose weight We have to make some changes within our lifestyle, such as incorporating physical and sports activities into our daily routine. Another excellent option is to opt for fruit smoothies as a way to provide the vitamins necessary that your body requires. The portable mixers They are perfect devices for making quick preparations, in a short time and wherever you are.

1. Compact device for fruit smoothies


Designed with the size of a coffee cup, this makes the device easy to store in any cabinet in the kitchen. It is a sleek and modern tool that features a 700 watt motor power.

It is ideal for preparing smoothies with fruits or vegetables, regardless of whether they are frozen or at room temperature. Their mugs come with a lid that fits most cup holders.

2. Kitchen utensil for personal smoothies


Made with resistant and safe materials, the mixer is complements free of BPA plastics and has a ecological design. It includes an integrated mechanical safety device that makes it very easy to use.

Its compact and intimate design offers you an experience of nice flavor. Its exclusive design allows you to make smoothies directly in the same container where you will later drink it.

3. Blender with lid anti-slip


It has a capacity of 14 ounces, it is also equipped with blades of stainless steel and a one-touch mixing system. It is easy to store and its size is compact, which makes it very convenient.

You can use it with your favorite ingredients to create smoothies, milkshakes and much more. The mixing container is also a comfortable and resistant canteen where you can carry your preparations and drink them whenever you want.

4. Mixer personal professional quality


It is a strong and smooth blender that is equipped with a powerful motor and four mixing blades made of stainless steel which allow you to prepare drinks with a pleasant texture in a short time.

You just need to load your ingredients into the cup, adjust the container to the base to start mixing and gently release it to stop it. Very convenient and easy to clean and store.