A cleansing to care for oily scalp.

Oily scalp can be very uncomfortable, as it can cause an itchy head, cause dandruff and can even make hair not grow as it should. It is important take proper care to control fat and remove the itchy scalp. There are natural ingredients perfect for cleaning your scalp properly without unbalancing the pH or causing irritation.

1. Apply a tea tree shampoo that is free of sulfates and parabens

It is important that you use a sulfate and paraben free shampoo, as this can make your scalp more dry and your scalp more itchy. This tea tree shampoo helps to deep clean, soothes itching, prevents bad odors and can remove dandruff.

Tea tree is an excellent ingredient for remove impurities from hair and the scalp to keep it healthy. If you have very dry tips do not forget to apply a moisturizing mask weekly.

2. Detoxify the scalp without being abrasive to calm itching and sebum production

It is important to control the fat on the scalp, the ideal is to apply a toner that helps detoxify without being abrasive. This scalp product contains eucalyptus, lemon, and witch hazel which help to remove dirt, excess sebum, and particles that can be irritating to the scalp. It can even improve hair thickening, since strengthens hair follicles.

This product you can apply it on wet or dry hair, you must put a few drops on the scalp and then massage the scalp. If you have a lot of itchy scalp it will be an excellent product to eliminate it.

3. Use a massage brush to stimulate hair follicles and to better absorb the products by the scalp

The massager brush for the scalp is an excellent tool. What it does is that it helps stimulate hair follicles and improves the absorption of the products. Ideally, use it when hair is wetAlways gently and use it from left to right, not in circles. If you have an oily scalp, this brush will help the product reach the entire scalp.

You will feel relaxed and over time you will see how the condition of the oily scalp changes. This is a set of 2 brushes for any type of hair.

4. Consume a supplement to improve the health of oily scalp

The health of the scalp must also be done from the inside. This is a supplement that cares for the scalp to improve hair follicles, improve hair growth and your pH is not affected. If you have not had a timely care of the scalp it is important that you consume this supplement so that the hair follicles do not weaken.

Dandruff, pH imbalance, irritation can be the cause of hair loss. Scalp health is more important than you think. Take special care and improve the health of all your hair.