The Mexican Salma Hayek has a beauty routine that is mainly based on hydration. Salma Hayek shared her beauty routine and surprised many, as it is not a very difficult beauty routine. For her, she always opts for hydration and avoids raising the face. For Salma, her grandmother’s advice is very important, since she uses natural ingredients and even a tepezcohuite cream to prevent wrinkles and take care of the skin every day. Get to know some of the products Hayek uses in her beauty routine.

1. Nuance Salma Hayek: Soap-free facial cleanser with rice bran that cares for skin’s moisture

Salma Hayek does not like to be cleaning and cleaning her face, as she likes to keep these natural oils on her face. In the morning he does not clean his face and at night, he removes his makeup with coconut oil and then apply a little of this facial cleanser. This facial cleanser has rice bran, passion fruit and babassu oil. It is soap-free so as not to be abrasive on sensitive skin or leave skin tight.

These ingredients help to clean, it gives softness, take care of the moisture of your skin so that it does not dry out and produce excess sebum. Moisten your hands a little and apply this facial cleanser.

2. ASDM Beverly Hills: tepezcohuite improves collagen production and is suitable for all skin types

Tepezcohuite is an ingredient that comes from a plant, and that has different benefits. Salma Hayek loves tepezcohuite helps improve collagen production, cares for skin from free radicals and Helps remove stains. If you have very irritable, sensitive, acne or eczema skin, it is an excellent option.

Tepezcohuite cream helps relieve burns, soothes inflammation and can prevent wrinkles. Salma Hayek loves tepezcohuite and uses it every day. Apply this tepezcohuite cream before your sunscreen.

3. Herbivore Botanicals: rose water to hydrate and remove makeup

This is rose water and Salma Hayek gives it various uses. He applies it after washing his face at night, to refresh and give more hydration to the skin. Another use it makes is to put a little rose water on a hot towel to remove makeup residues that are difficult to remove. Also apply rose water in the afternoon if your skin feels tight or if you want to give it a little hydration.

Rose water is very noble and always look for one that is fragrance free, It can irritate the skin if it has a fragrance. This rose water is very soft, vegan, alcohol-free and one of Salma Hayek’s favorites.

4. St. Tropez: moisturizer that gives you a tan

And because Salma Hayek gives her hydration, this moisturizer helps give her freshness, nutrients, and a tan tone so she doesn’t put on much makeup on her face. This moisturizer contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid that does not clog pores and gives a color to your face. Leave the skin soft, without leaving it behind this is a light medium shade.

Apply from less to more and leave the product to absorb for a few seconds and apply again, this is so that you do not saturate your face. Salma Hayek loves it because it has a rich aroma and gives it a different color to a base of makeup.