Jlo’s products that help her look radiant.

There is no doubt that one of the artists with beautiful skin is Jennifer Lopez. There are photos of Jennifer Lopez without makeup where it looks radiant. She is 50 years old and her skincare routine is essential, because on every red carpet or fashion show she always amazes. We give you some products from his facial care routine that you can incorporate into yours.

1. The Method Cleanser by lancer facial cleanser day and night

An important part of Jlo’s skincare is cleanliness. This is a cleanser use it in the morning and at night, helps pores stay clean, removes all dirt and without leaving the skin tight. Balance the pH and hydrate your skin. It is ideal for use after your exercise routine.

Perfect for oily and combination skin. Contains amino acids so the skin will feel stiff. You do not need to wash your face more than 3 times a day, as this removes the natural oils from the skin.

2. L’Oreal facial moisturizer to combat wrinkles and remove spots with sunscreen

Any type of skin needs hydration. This is a facial moisturizer that Jlo applies in the morning. It is an excellent product at a great price. It has glycolic acid that helps unclog pores, improve skin texture, and removes blemishes with continued use. And vitamin C that improves skin tone and increases collagen production.

Contains sunscreen, but this does not replace the use of Jlo uses it every day and boy the results are surprising.

3. Dr.Hauschka moisturizer that tones, calms and protects

The skin always needs hydration. This is a rose cream that will help hydrate the skin more in cold weather, which is when the skin can resent the temperature. This cream should be used last. Jennifer Lopez loves it for feeling that texture on your skin and feel it hydrated.

Jlo applies this Dr.Hauschka cream in the morning and always on the hands, neck and neckline. Place a little in your hand and place small points of product on your face to waste so much product.

4. Neutrogena Aerosol Spray SPF 30 Blocker that does not clog pores and is waterproof

The most important part of any celebrity and Jennifer Lopez’s facial routine is sunscreen. This is in a spray and very light so you only need to place it on the face, neck, hands and neckline. It does not leave a thought feeling. Jlo’s makeup artist Scott Barnes said it helps the Makeup does not smear and gives a natural glow to the skin.

Even if you apply sunscreen in the morning, it is necessary to touch up at least every 3 hours. An advantage of spray sunscreen is that it is very easy to apply without ruining your makeup.