Open pores are due to genetics, age and other factors, which have nothing to do with facial cleansing. By having open pores, black spots are likely to come out, since the fat and sebum come to the surface and oxidize, which is why the color is black. Pores cannot be closed, but they can be minimized and their appearance improved. These 4 products will help you to have a deep cleaning without being abrasive, nourishes, hydrates so that the skin does not have excess sebum, and can improve open pores.

1. CeraVe: use a non-abrasive cleanser, which removes dirt from your entire face

To close the pores or good to improve their appearance, is to use a non-abrasive cleaner, but what if you remove all the dirt and makeup of your face. Well, by not washing the face properly, dirt can remain and with this cause blackheads and acne. This cleanser has ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. By having these ingredients it controls the production of sebum, it is clean and it is not abrasive.

It is a foam type soap, with which you only need a pump, to clean your entire face. It can be applied in mixed, oily and normal skin. Use it at night and tomorrow every day.

2. InstaNatural: a serum with niacinamide improves the appearance of pores and is anti-aging

If you have wrinkles and open pores, you should not leave open pores aside and only use an anti-aging product. This serum contains niacinamide, which is a vitamin that is used to control sebum on the skin, removes red and dark spots. This serum is also anti-aging, as it helps give elasticity. If you have wrinkles or want to prevent this serum is perfect, to attack 2 problems.

You can use it in the morning and at night, it contains a perfect percentage of niacinamide, so you can combine it or use salicylic acid or some AHA in your routine.

3. PAULA’S CHOICE: weekly salicylic acid scrub to cleanse blackheads

Exfoliation should be essential if you have open pores and black spots on the nose, forehead and cheeks. This is an exfoliant, so it is recommended a spaced use, once or twice a week. What it does is that cleans the pores, so that the black spots can come out, because it is rusty dirt on your skin. This is a treatment for open pores, which must use combination and oily skin.

You can apply with a cotton on the parts where you have black spots and open pores. If you have dry parts do not apply it. Start with using it once to twice a week, as its excessive use can dry out your face.

4. Pure Biology: detoxifying mask to clean pores and lighten blemishes

Wearing a mask will help cleanse your face and add moisturizers that detoxify the skin. This mask for closing pores contains bentonite clay, kaolin, retinol, vitamins B, C and E. This will help gently exfoliate and detoxify pores, reducing inflammation, lightens dark spots and acne scars. You can apply it once to twice a week, or on days when you don’t use the peel.

Just leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Cleaning the pores helps to minimize them and black spots are not noticeable. You must be consistent with your beauty routine, to really see results. After a month or two, you will notice changes.