These products will help you not to wash your hair.

After coloring your hair, it is inevitable that over time it will lose its tone and you will have to do a touch-up again. Sometimes it fades because you don’t use products that take care of really caring for your hair color. We recommend these products that will take care of your hair color and hydrate it. Remember that the ideal is not to wash it daily the first 10 days and always use cold water. This will help prolong the color of your hair.

1. John Frieda: protect your blonde, brown, dark or reddish color

This shampoo is responsible for protecting the color of your hair, in particular this shampoo is for a brown hue and chocolate has evening primrose and cocoa oil so that the color is impregnated in your hair. The John Frieda brand has a wide range of colors in case you painted your hair blond, black or red. Designed to take care of that radiant hue.

Also thanks to the oils it has takes care of the damage of the dye. You can use this shampoo if you have lights of another color, it is totally safe. This brand has a complete treatment to apply in the shower and your color is protected even more.

2. ColorProof: detangles and prevents hair from breaking

This conditioner has Baobab, it is a fruit that will repair, protect and soften your hair. It helps a lot so that your hair does not lose the color you have, protecting the tips and part of your hair so that it does not become dehydrated or broken. If your hair is thin, it is recommended that you alternate it and do not use conditioner every day, as it can make it thinner.

Your hair will not tangle, it will be soft and it is a conditioner that will not remove the color from your hair. Despite her few purchases has 4.1 stars, it is worth trying it, because it is a conditioner that they use a lot in beauty salons.

3. Arvazallia: give it moisture after painting your hair

There is nothing better than a mask for give nutrients and moisturizing to your hair after coloring it.It has an infusion of argan oil and macadamia, hydrolyzed wheat protein, aloe vera that are responsible for giving shine, softness, balance moisture in hair and the best thing is that it cares for hair color without damaging it or wash it off.

Does not contain sulfates and parabens, so does not dry your hair. It can be used if you used a keratin treatment or any other treatment. It is a mask that has 80% satisfaction.

4. Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock: spray that cares for hair color and repairs split ends

Did you know that using spray can eliminate the tonality of your hair? This spray works to protect your hair, make it stronger and gives it greater elasticity, prevents frizz and take care of the color of your hair. It can be used every day, it must be applied to damp hair and ready, comb as usual. Includes a comb so you can fix your fringe or comb your hair sideways.

This spray also serves to take care of your hair from damage by constantly painting it. a spray with excellent reviews and with 4.5 stars.