Special formulas to maintain your well-being.

During the menopause, there is a drop in estrogen that causes hormonal changes, changes in body temperature, increased sweating, and which generally negatively affects the daily life of women. In order to quickly avoid and alleviate the known “hot flashes” of menopause, you can use the supplements or vitamins specialized as those that we show you below, that will allow you to carry your daily life with tranquility and normality.

Organic capsules with herbal extracts

These soft capsules they are clinically approved by experts in the health area. They are made from natural ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals, and are also completely free of artificial flavors.

It will control hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and increase your libido. It will help you feel healthier and freed from the unpleasant classic symptoms of menopause.

2. Daily pills hormone free

It is a product made with natural ingredients extracted directly from the ground and totally free of hormones, which offers immediate relief to the most persistent symptoms of menopause.

Recommended by specialists, the capsules will help you to make night sweats and hot flashes that you experience during menopause less frequent and intense. A proprietary formula that will balance your body temperature to make you feel more comfortable and fresh.

3. Vitamins to prevent weight gain

One of these vitamins a day will give you more controlled hormonal levels to prevent weight gain. Its proprietary formula also helps control more recurring menopausal symptoms such as sweating and migraine.

It also relieves hot flashes and stress, plus it will add some extra sparkle to your life as it is a great sexual stimulant.

4. Supplement for regulate estrogen

Contains a blend of natural ingredients that together act on your body like a natural support to keep your estrogen levels high.

Regulates estrogen levels in order to provide a relief symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and anxiety.

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