Bleach hair fast and without spending as much.

If you want to change hair, but don’t want to spend a lot, there are products that work to bleach hair. One of the tricks to avoid damaging it before this process is to place some keratin masks, to take care of the natural keratin in your hair. Also use coconut oils, as this cares for the hair fiber and prevents severe irritations. You can complement with shampoos to bleach hair.

1. BTZ: perfect hair bleaching powder for ends

This is a 40 volume treatment for bleached hair, so it has a high peroxide content. This powder fadesr is recommended for hair that has already been bleached previously or have already had a chemical process. Not for very dark virgin hair or hair.

If you are looking for bleach the ends of your hairThis is an excellent alternative. Remember to cover your hands and your skin when you use this type of powder to bleach your hair, to prevent irritation.

2. Manic Panic: powder to bleach dark hair for blonde

A very complete kit to make the process of bleaching hair, ideal for any skin type. It is a powder to discolor that if you have a medium brown, dark brown or natural black hair color it will help achieve medium blonde to very light blonde results. It’s a powder to discolor so if you’re thinking of wear a fancy color, sit was perfect.

To prevent discoloration it turns into your yellow hair, use a shampoo for bleached hair. So that they have a lasting effect. Remember to do the discoloration step by step, to have the desired effect.

3. L’Oreal Paris: the favorite bleach on the internet that is simple and easy to apply

This treatment to discolor the hair, you must leave it for about 30 minutes in order to have a platinum and blonde result. It is a simpler process than other hair bleaching products, but remember that you need a good hydrogen peroxide. If you have short hair it will be easier to bleach because the product will be easier to apply and you will need less peroxide.

After doing all this process, your hair may feel weak or very dry. Always use a shampoo without sulfates or parabens. Y, avoid washing it every day, You can damage the hair and make the discoloration last less.

4. Clairol: get the perfect blonde with this cheap bleaching powder

If you are thinking of lightening the ends, the middle of the hair, a few strands or the fringe, this hair bleaching powder is an excellent option. Whenever you prepare the mixture you do it covering your hands and always in a plastic bowl, avoid the use of metal because it makes the active ingredients not work properly. For better adherence, do not wash your hair before bleaching it.

It depends on the thickness of your hair, it is the time that you should leave it, but do not spend more than 45 minutes. If you notice that the discoloration is orange, be patient like this are the components. If you want a lighter shade, I wait at least a week to use a powder to bleach your hair.