Have irritation-free skin.

Skin irritations can be caused by the weather, hormonal changes, by shaving or by age. There are different creams and ointments that help to relieve irritations and improve skin structure. When you have an irritation do not scratch and avoid using highly abrasive products, after bathing apply one of the following products to see improvements in a short time. Avoid exposing that part of the skin to the sun and cover.

1. Puriya: with botanical ingredients and oils that soothe irritations, rashes and dryness

This irritation cream has botanical ingredients and oils that will help renew and revitalize dry and irritated skin. It has ingredients like honey, shea butter, aloe vera, amaranth and jojoba. If you have a scrape, rash or dryness it will help soothe the skin. It is ideal for use by children over 5 years and older adults.

You can apply it on the hands, knees, elbows and legs. This cream for irritations improves your skin leaves it softer without feeling greasy.

Svasthya Body & Mind: prevents infections and calms itching

This is an ointment to calm skin irritations, it contains natural ingredients that are beeswax, olive oil, calendula and vitamin E. This ointment for irritated skin is to be placed only on the affected area. By having ingredients that They are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. They help prevent infections. You can also use it on bites, sores and acne.

Place as many times as necessary and let it dry before putting your clothes on. It has a solid consistency so with little product it will be necessary to cover. If you have a lot of itch this ointment for irritations calm that feeling.

3. Avène: 3 products with thermal water to calm irritations on very sensitive skin

If you have dryness specifically in an area or even on the face, this set will help improve the condition of your skin in a few days. The Avène brand is characterized by creating products for the most sensitive skin. It is a lotion, thermal water and a cream for irritated and very sensitive skin. You must first apply the lotion and then to the cream.

Apply in the morning and at night. If you have irritations or feel a discomfort, do not touch the skin. Applying Thermal water will help calm that feeling on the skin.

SKIN & LAB: face cream for irritated skin that is sensitive

This cream for irritated skin is especially for the face. It is ideal if you have sensitive and irritated skin, as it contains gotu kola that controls irritations and improves the skin barrier, it is also a powerful moisturizer. It will help calm irritation, dryness giving immediate hydration. This cream for irritated skin does not leave you feeling heavy.

It does not contain essential oils, so the most sensitive skin is perfect. The cream can be used day and night. Apply it in cold weather to prevent extreme dryness.