Look and have healthy nails.

Nail care must be very important, as sweat, contamination and even being in contact with other factors can cause nail fungus and more. We want to give you 4 products for nail care, because if you are going to put on acrylic or gel nails, they are not weak or are very brittle.

Bliss Kiss: cuticle and nail oil to prevent fungus

This is a pen that serves to repair brittle nails, prevents fungus formation, as it is an antifungal and antimicrobial. It is a very easy to use oil, you should only put it on your nail and a little on the cuticle.

If you like acrylic nails and are going to rest for a few weeks, use this oil to prevent damage and fungus. Further, helps to grow nails, faster.

ISDIN: hyaluronic acid to strengthen the nail

This is a pen that helps nail health, because it has minerals, keratin and hyaluronic acid that works to give greater strength, resistance and even smoothness to the nail. It also improves the wetting of the cuticle, to care for and prevent the formation of fungi. Just put it on your nails every day.

If you want your nails look natural, It will be possible with these active ingredients that help your skin. It must be applied in dry hands and then applied. An excellent product to remove the yellow color of the nails.

3. ProLinc: removes cuticles in seconds

Removing the cuticle does not have to be painful or you have to damage the nail, which usually happens. This is a cuticle remover that you just have to put a little product, and then remove with a remover stick. This product Helps prevent bacteria from forming.

When applying this oil you only need 45 seconds, to remove easily. You can apply it on your fingers. It is a simpler method, to care for and prevent nail fungus.

Burt’s Bees: hydration and moisturizing on hands and nails

This is a perfect set to hydrate and moisturize hands, nails and cuticles. With the cold the skin tends to dry out, since it needs more nutrients. It has a special cream for cuticles, this helps to strengthen and protect the nails and it has 2 creams with natural ingredients to hydrate your hands.

It also comes with a pair of cotton gloves. So that every day you have soft hands. Put enough cream on your hands before bed and put on the gloves. The next morning, you will notice smooth hands. Caring for hands, nails and cuticles prevents infections and you will have a nail care for any party.