Temperature changes not only affect our immune system, skin, but also our hair. It is important to give it hydration, protect it from frizz and of course prolong the color. No matter what your hair type is, these products will work for you. Remember to be consistent so you can see results. These products will help your hair not feel dry, frizzy and static, and if it gives it shine and movement.

1. Wash your hair less, use dry shampoo to prolong the color

Wash your hair daily and if you have it dyed, you will make the color finish faster and even mistreat the hair. Using hot water causes damage to the hair fiber, breaks hair and breaks it. Of the 7 days of the week, you can wash it with shampoo 3 times. The dry shampoo is an excellent tool for you can wash it and not feel dirty or greasy and prolong the color.

Not all dry shampoos are suitable for any type of hair, as this dry shampoo is perfect if you have dyed hair dark colors, because it will not leave residues. After applying it, brush your hair. There is also a dry shampoo for light colors.

2. Intensive protein treatment for hair and taking care of damage

With the cold, wind and snow your hair can become dry and not have enough hydration. This is a hair treatment that responsible for repairing structural damage, hydrates, takes care of the damage of the dye and revitalizes your hair. It is a treatment that you should definitely use at least once a week. Contains vitamins and minerals to revitalize your hair.

You can leave it on overnight, to make your hair look amazing for the next few weeks. It is suitable for all hair types. If you have very damaged hair you can use it twice a week. It will make it shine even on those days when the sun goes down.

3. A spray to take care of the sun, give antioxidants, prevent frizz and static

With the air and cold, you may get frizz and static in your hair, even the sun or heat products can give more frizz or leave your hair motionless. This spray has antioxidants like marula oil to give it strength, frizz and static prevention. Take care of colored hair from environmental damage. Putting it on is like creating a protective layer on your hair, this can prolong the color of your hair.

Apply it before styling and spread it very well all over your hair. A spray antioxidant that cares for the structure of your hair without damaging it.

4. Put on a mask to prolong color and hydrate

A moisturizing mask that prolongs color, serves to repair and nourish, as dyes weaken hair color. This mask has orchid seeds, apricots to prevent frizz, and revitalize the color of your tint. In addition, it will help to shine and strengthen the hair fiber.

This package will serve you for about 4 or 5 applications, it should always be used only from ends to ends. In times of cold it is necessary to give your hair more moisturizers, because the cold tends to dry out even the driest skin. Now imagine how much it can dry out your hair. Apply a mask some 3 times a week.