Products with ingredient for lips.

In the cold season, split lips are very common, the lack of hydration, cold air and even the sun can dry them out the most. So that you have kissable, skinless and very soft lips, there are 4 lip products that can help you have a complete routine. It can be used by men, women and even the little ones at home.

Beauty by Earth: natural scrub to remove dead skin cells

The lips are also skin and need to be exfoliated, in order to remove dead cells. The skins can make the lips bleed and hurt. The lip exfoliation preferably do it at night, so you can notice instant changes the next day. Removing dead cells helps skin to be smoother and nourished. This lip scrub should be put on the lips for a minute and massage.

Then rinse. This natural lip scrub is made from natural ingredients such as jojoba, coconut, olive, rosemary, calendula, vitamin E, honey and stevia oil.

Supergoop !: balm that hydrates and protects from the sun to prevent chapped lips

The sun can affect the lips and more if you wet them with your tongue every time, this makes them dry more and more. This is a balm to use every day. Protects your lips from the sun, gives it nutrients and hydration to eliminate chapped lips. Its fatty acids help create protection on your lips to prevent and cure.

Use it as many times as necessary. It has no color and will leave a light touch In your lips. Remember that protecting the lips from the sun will help prevent dryness.

3. Sun Bum: lip moisturizer with color to protect them

If you have split and dry lips, you should avoid using lipsticks for at least a few days, you can split and dry them even more. This hydrating lipstick has sun protection and has a little color. It will help hydrate and nourish the lips, without being abrasive and preventing them from drying out more.

There are different colors, the color is very light and subtle. Ideal to color your lips and is hypoallergenic ideal for any skin and even for use in children.

Avashine: lip collagen to renew tissues

Before going to sleep this is a nighttime lip mask, it contains collagen. The lip collagen helps to renew the tissues and with this no flaking or skins that can hurt the skin of your lips. Improves the structure of your lips, helps to relieve chapped lips.

In the morning you will see how the lips are softer and healthier. This product for lips, you can use it more in the cold seasons. You can also put it in the morning, but let it act for at least a few hours.