When we talk about makeup, it is not only important to know how to combine colors or the use of brushes and brushes; It is also important to know what are the best products for skin care And what measures should we take to avoid compromising the health of our skin. The first They are products that many women underestimate but that have great importance, since they allow you to extend the duration of your makeup, keep your skin free of oil and avoid the accumulation of impurities that could generate acne. That is why here we show you some options that you will surely like to try:

1. Thank Me Later: Paraben Free Primer

This waterproof and long-lasting primer, close the pores of your skin to give your makeup a smoother and more natural finish.

It is totally free of parabens and cruelty, so you will not only take care of your makeup, but also the environment and your health in general. It keeps your face glitter free extra for hours.

2. Rimmel: Natural finish primer

Moisturizes and softens the skin, keeps it free of oil and gives it a matte appearance for hours. In addition also close the pores so that impurities do not accumulate.

Its effect is so smooth and natural that you can even use it only to achieve natural makeup, without the need to apply base. It is a must-have product in your makeup case.

3. First of long lasting and high coverage

This primer is ideal if you have very open pores or suffer from oily skin. Gives you a matte and smooth look for hours and doesn’t make your makeup smear or damage.

With just a small application you can close even the largest pores and thus guarantee a professional finishing makeup that will last you all day.

4. Prime 3 in 1 by Milani

This primer has a 3 in 1 effect It minimizes pores, corrects and evens out skin tone, and seals the makeup you put on it for a longer duration.

Just by spraying it a few times on your skin you can get the best results. You will have a perfect makeup for up to 16 hours and you can maintain your skin free of impurities and acne.