With age the hair can be weakened, because the hair follicles can become covered, there is a deficiency of vitamins and more. When the hair is weakened it becomes thinner, it is easier to break and the growth is slower. We are looking for products to strengthen and prevent hair loss after 40 years, as it is possible for hair to grow for both men and women. It is important to be consistent and have patience. Results can be seen for up to 2 months after the start of any hair loss treatment.

1. Pure Biology: use a shampoo to thicken the hair with ingredients like biotin and keratin

To prevent hair loss and strengthen it, specific ingredients must be used. This shampoo has biotin, keratin, coconut oil, castor bean, green tea, and vitamin B and E. What helps is that stimulates the hair follicle to grow and prevents new growing hair from breaking. Because with age growth grows slower, it is important to have strong hair.

When you use it try to use a brush for the scalp this works to stimulate and that It reaches the entire scalp. It also cleanses and strengthens it.

2. Pronexa: stimulates hair follicles with proteins and natural ingredients to grow

It is important to have a treatment for hair growth, as the key is to strengthen and prevent severe hair loss. This is a serum that has extracts of natural ingredients that help improve hair growth and that These proteins improve the state of the hair follicles. It should be applied after the shampoo and conditioner. You should place it where you see more spaces and give a light massage.

You can apply it to wet or dry hair. Do it every day and use accessories such as supplements and shampoos, so that the process is more effective.

3. Eu Natural: biotin, the vitamin for hair growth and strengthening

With age, the consumption of supplements provides benefits and with hair loss, it is more common to resort to This hair loss supplement has biotin that works to improve the condition, appearance and accelerates hair growth. This vitamin also improves the appearance of the skin and nails.

Biotin stimulates the hair follicles to make growth faster. Biotin can also strengthen the growth of new hair, so it is an excellent supplement for consume at any age.

4. . Boldify: spray that gives volume and texture to any type of hair

IF you have very thin hair, you can give it volume and make it a little stronger with this spray. What helps is give it volume without weighing oily, and can thicken hair. It is ideal to use when you have special days and want to wear thicker and more textured hair. This product is as a complement to the treatment to grow hair, it will help it thicken.

The best thing is that protects from the sun’s raysThis can also weaken the hair. It can be used by any type of hair, even if you have painted hair. You can apply it to wet or dry hair.