Enjoy the sun, the pool or the beach without damaging your hair.

That the sun or the pool are not a pretext for not changing the tone of your hair, although it may sound complicated, there are products that help to take care of the color, that does not wash off and protects it from chlorine and the powerful rays of the sun. So enjoy a nice tan on your skin and sport nourished and protected radiant hair.

Wella: a shampoo that cares for any tone and gives vitamins

To take care of colored hair, it is essential that you use a shampoo for colored hair, but that it has vitamins so you have severe long-term damage. This shampoo has vitamin E, take care of the keratin in your hair, leaves it smooth and manageable. The most important thing is that it does not wash the color and takes care of it from the sun’s rays.

It can be used by any type of hair. It does not matter if you are going to dye your hair or if you have already dyed it, because this shampoo adapts to any hair and take care of any t It is a 1 liter product, so it will last a long time.

One ‘n only: argan oil to take care of the chlorine in the pool

Argan oil in addition to ending split ends and dryness, helps protect the cuticle and creates a protective layer so that when you are in the pool and chlorine do not damage or break your hair. It is recommended that you apply it from medium to ends and collect your hair so that you avoid direct contact with the chlorine in the pool.

It can be used by any hair type and can be applied if you have it dyed or in any condition. You can apply it even if you do not go to the pool, because it gives you nutrients to prevent you from having damaged hair.

3. Paul Mitchell: Take care of the sun and prevent the color of your hair from fading

The sun can destroy your hair color very quickly, this is a spray that takes care of your hair from the intense sun. Helps make it smooth, shiny, sets color, and prevents your hair from slipping off in different shades. It is not necessary to go to the beach to get the sun’s rays, in the city the sun can be just as intense. It must be applied to damp hair and any type of hair.

If you continually expose yourself to the sun’s rays and love to paint your hair, this will be your great ally so that you have to touch up your hair every month. Have a 250ml content.

NatureLab: a mask with antioxidant oils that prevents damage to your hair

After exposing yourself to the sun, being in the pool or a lot of air on the beach, a mask will help repair and take care of future damage. This mask has bamboo stem cells, keratin, antioxidant oils, green tea, argan oil and cypress. Penetrates all of your hair so you don’t have severe damage.

It is a product free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and some other chemical. You can apply it either before or after you expose yourself to the sun, chlorine or you go to dye your hair. It can be used up to 3 times a week. A product with 4.3 stars.

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