Nails should always have special care, especially if you go to swimming pools or public showers, you go to the beauty salon a lot or use false nails, as they are the most vulnerable times for fungi to spread on your nails. There are products that will help prevent fungus on the fingernails and toenails, but you must be consistent to see results.

1. Gold Mountain Beauty: Use a preventive enamel that is antifungal

It is possible to prevent nail fungus, for this you need a polish so that they do not form and spread. This glaze has natural ingredients like omega 3,6 and 9, sea buckthorn oil. What it does is that it helps prevent fungal infections, irritations and improves cell renewal. This nail product is applied as a polish, you must apply to the cuticle and all over the nail.

It can be a preventive nail polish for fungus or if you already have a fungus you can use it so that it is gradually eliminated. It can be used on the feet and hands. Always let the nail product dry to penetrate and do its job.

2. Sports Research: consume vitamins for the nails that improve the appearance and make them stronger

Biotin is a vitamin that will help the nail grow stronger and less brittle. Although biotin cannot prevent nail fungus, it can improve its appearance. After a few months you will notice an improvement and as they are stronger and less brittle.

If you had a fungus, you had false nails or you applied a lot of gelish, cause your nails to become too weak; the consumption of biotin will help them to recover nutrients and be resistant. Just consume one biotin capsule every day.

3. Cuccio: care and nourish the cuticle to prevent nail infections

What does the cuticle have to do with nail fungus? The cuticle is skin and not taking care of it or having a improper cleaning can cause fungus and with that I spread your nails. It is important to have a proper nail health, this oil contains honey and milk that is full of nutrients to be able to hydrate, stimulate and nourish the cuticles.

Apply this oil at night when you no longer have to do so many activities, give a Light massage on the entire nail and cuticle. This oil will last you for months, because you only need a little product to protect all your nails.

4. Ariella: prevent fungus from spreading to nails

If you already have nail fungus, it is important that you act immediately so that it does not spread and can complicate the infection. It should be applied to the affected nail. When applying your nail it will turn yellow, but it is the iActive ingredient to eliminate the fungus, then this color will fade like the fungus on the nail.

These feathers help repair, strengthen and protect the nail. It can improve discolorations, cracked, rough and brittle nails. Each applicator lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, if used 2 times a day. Apply to the nails that are next to the nail with fungus, to prevent a spread.