A much more comfortable desk!

Do you want to create an ergonomic desk to use your laptop or computer at work? Here we show you 4 accessories that will help you work more comfortably, at a low price.

1. Laptop holder BoYata

With this boyata stand, you can have your laptop at an angle and use it more comfortably at your desk. It is compatible with computers up to 17 “and supports a maximum weight of 20 kilograms. This bracket is made of aluminum and has two hinges that can be tilted up to 45 °, offering many possibilities to place the laptop in the position that works best for you. In addition, it features a perforation and anti-slip pads, to secure your computer and allow it to ventilate.

Available in silver, gray or pink, this metal stand is priced under $ 40 and it is the best rated product in the guide, with 4.8 stars in Amazon. Customers mention that it is an ideal product for people who want to use their laptop more comfortably and it is also perfect to place your computer when you work with two screens. In addition, they affirm that it is a product that provides stability in any position.

2. Monitor base ALIVE

On the other hand, if you work with a monitor and want to raise it to avoid straining your neck, the VIVO support It can be of great help. This product offers an adjustable base that allows you to adjust the height of the screen to one that is most comfortable for you. The top is 8 x 12 inches and features a non-slip texture to keep your screen safe. This mount allows you to add 4.5 to 6.5 inches in height to any screen or laptop.

With a price that does not exceed $ 25This stand is well valued as it is very versatile and takes up little space on your table. In Amazon, the clients affirm that it is a very simple product, but very useful to raise their screens and eliminate the neck pain of being all the time looking down. This product can be used with both a monitor and a laptop.

3. Ergonomic mouse Logitech

Another of the most common annoyances of people who work long hours in front of a computer is in the fingers or hands, generally caused by the use of an inappropriate mouse or the mousepad. With the Logitech ergonomic mouse, you can easily control any program in a comfortable way. Designed for right-handers, this mouse features trackball, to move the cursor without having to move your whole hand, and it has a design that offers support for your whole hand. This wireless mouse is designed to reduce fatigue of the muscles of the hand and also work with greater precision and comfort.

It is the best-selling product on the list, with more than 15,000 reviews in Amazon and priced under $ 30 for their current great 52% discount. Customers mention that it is a very functional mouse, which stands out for its low price and for being wireless. They claim that it is also a good product for people suffering from wrist pain, using it at an angle to the trackball vertically.

4. Wrist rest pads iCasso

The last product in the guide is a very simple one, but not for that less useful. Of the iCasso brandThis is a mouse pad combo along with a keyboard pad. Both products have a pad memory foam that allows you to rest your wrists and make your work more comfortable. The mouse pad is 9.84 x 7.87 inches and the keyboard is 17.32 x 3.15 inches, and both products feature a rubberized back that makes them non-slip.

Its about Cheapest guide product, priced under $ 20 and many design options to suit your personality. In Amazon, customers value this accessory positively, mentioning that it is a very beautiful, quality and functional product, making using the keyboard or mouse much more comfortable.