Collagen is popular for its ability to improve and smooth the skin’s surface, improve uneven skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is part of the tissues of our skin, and as we age, the skin begins to deteriorate and it is more difficult for the body to produce and replace collagen, which causes skin problems such as wrinkles and sagging. Sun and smoking are also causes of deterioration in your skin.

Steps to follow in your daily routine to keep your face bright:

  • EXFOLIATE: Use an exfoliating gel to remove impurities.
  • CLEAN AND TONE: Always remove make-up from your face with a cleansing cream and facial toner.
  • HYDRATE: Apply a moisturizer with sun protection daily.
  • NOURISH: Use a regenerating cream daily before going to sleep.

One of the biggest concerns of every woman is the appearance of expression lines and spots on the face. Collagen-based cosmetic and dermatological treatments are essential to combat the aging process and delay its effects on the skin. So, below, we share some products that you can use that contain collagen.

1. Collagen facial moisturizer St. Ives for dry skin:

Facial moisturizer collagen and elastin renovator. This hydrating formula will help capture that fresh glow we all love. Give your skin a daily moisture boost with this moisturizer inspired by the powers of collagen, elastin, and safflower seed oil.

You can use it in the morning and night for smooth and shiny skin. Nourish your skin with the goodness of 100 percent natural moisturizers. A lesser-known relationship to sunflower, safflower is a thistle-like plant with red, yellow, and orange flowers. This facial moisturizer helps renew skin for a beautiful, healthy glow.

2. Serum Retinol Yeouth:

Derived from vitamin A, this product with Retinol It is prized for its excellent anti-aging benefits and youth-enhancing results. Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin retains its weight in water many times, which is why it is widely used for its moisture retention properties. As we age, less hyaluronic acid is produced and the skin retains less moisture. This compound will fill and equalize wrinkles providing smoother skin due to its moisture retention properties.

The vitamin E it brings acts as your skin’s shield against harmful UV rays. Natural Vitamin E works hard to equalize skin tone and create a protective barrier for the skin. Aloe Vera soothes the skin through daily treatment. This dynamic ingredient is rich in Vitamin C, E, and beta carotene, making it highly effective for anti-aging properties.

It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents free radicals and increases the production of collagen in your skin. With constant use of this product, you will see dramatic improvements in dark spots, fine lines, skin tone, and texture. In addition to increasing collagen production, it also unclogs pores, reduces fine lines, and accelerates skin cell turnover to smooth skin and equalize discoloration. It is among the Top 25 best sellers on Amazon.

Some types of collagen for the skin are:

  • Synthetic: It is processed in laboratories and synthesized from chemical products. The properties and benefits are different from those of natural collagen.
  • Marine: it is natural and comes from sources such as fish scales.
  • Porcine: it is natural and comes from joints and cartilage of pigs and cattle.
  • Hydrolyzed: subjected to hydrolysis and different processes to miniaturize molecules. You can find it pressed into tablets or powder.
  • Lyophilisate: its manipulation is at temperatures below zero for its creation.
  • Soluble: You can also call it natural collagen since it has minimal manipulation, just enough to be able to extract it.

3. Peptides hydrolyzed collagen:

Premium formula with Vitamin C and E, for anti aging skin care, for rapid hair growth, nails, joint support supplement. Taking collagen peptides is an essential component to keep your skin young and fresh. Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E to amplify these benefits for optimal anti-aging skin care. These combined ingredients significantly help hydrate and tighten your skin. No matter your age, the benefits of collagen may work for you.

Regenerating and building new tissue is the key benefit of adding collagen to your diet. Each ingredient works perfectly together to help you build, maintain, and recover collagen naturally.

4. Cream Rejuveness Pond´s:

This product provides you with 2 anti-wrinkle creams with collagen Ponds Rejuveness, each pot contains 14.1 ounces of wrinkle cream, reinforcement with honey and shea butter to add more nutrition to the skin.

The main ingredients such as collagen, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and vitamin E work together to gently remove dull skin cells and smooth fine lines, resulting in longer life, increased skin hold and firmness. They visibly reduce wrinkles in a period of 2 weeks with its continuous use. Available on Amazon for less than $ 30.