The water of roses It is a product that has many ideal functions to treat the skin and restore it to its freshness and natural beauty. Once you implement it in your daily beauty routine, you will not want to stop using it because it is useful for eliminating scars, burns and blemishes, as well as preventing the appearance of wrinkles. There are many contributions that the water of roses It has for you, and that is why here we recommend some products that you can use not only as a beauty tool, but also as a daily perfume.

1. Water from moroccan roses 100% organic

This product made with rose water grown in Morocco is totally natural. It has as main objective tone the face, neck, eye area and improve dry skin, balancing the pH of it and preventing the appearance of blemishes such as acne and skin blemishes.

This rose water is reinforced with natural ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil that give you beautiful, well-groomed skin. healthy and radiant. Rose water is an ancient beauty treatment and its main element is the soaked rose petals.

2. Facial spray with extracts of aloe and rose water

Rose water in a practical spray, excellent product for beauty and skin care. It is super refreshing and has the function of hydrating the pores of the skin while leaving the unmistakable aroma of roses. Its frequent use stimulates circulation and activates blood vessels.

You should keep in mind that this product is ideal for people with dehydrated, tight skin and who have been mistreated by the use of products chemical powerful. When you start using it right away you will start to notice the positive results on your skin.

3. Fragrance of organic roses

Rose water is organic, pure and natural It is perfect for toning the skin and giving it back its freshness and vitality. It comes in a large bottle presentation and is filled with powdered amber glass for a better and easier application.

This product is a facial toner that removes oil from the skin. Provides a relaxing and calming sensation for the skin and even removes traces of makeup and restores dry or chemically irritated skin.

4. Rose water organic

The rose water of Eve Hansen It has been created with steam distilled from organically grown Damascus Rose petals. It is a product totally free of artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives.

You can use it as a makeup remover and you can even apply it to your hair to give it shine and texture. When applied directly to the skin, it is perfect to hydrate, cure wounded skin, treat eye bags, scars, redness and inflammation.