To protect your car from weather damage

It is always important to protect the car at the time of leaving home, especially when we are obliged to park it in places that are outdoors where it stays complemented exposed to factors such as sunlight, rain and dirt. If you go on vacation to somewhere where the tropical climate dominates, or live in a city with a hot climate, it is good that you have a protective tarpaulin for your car. Here are four covers special for you to protect your vehicle.

1. Universal case for car

A cover that has been made from a material biodegradable, breathable and that guarantees total protection from UV rays to protect each of the parts found both inside and outside the vehicle.

This lining is suitable for all types of cars, since it adjusts to the size of the vehicle by means of an elastic strap. Comes with a small storage bag that allows you to store it comfortably inside the luggage rack.

2. Car shield of silver colour

It is a multifunctional cover that is made of aluminum and cotton that give it that extra softness. Has a elastic band It is perfectly secured to the body of the car and holding straps with adjustable buckles.

Protects your vehicle every time you have to park it in open spaces. Its design prevents the appearance of dirt and stains caused by rain, snow or other external elements.

3. Car cover waterproof

A waterproof case that is ideal for any weather. It is made of high-density polyester that does not damage the paint. The car cover can be folded and stored in the storage bag that takes up little space inside the luggage carrier.

A tool that can be used all year since it adapts well to all weather conditions. Its use prevents the car from being surrounded by dust or being exposed to the sun, rain or snow.

4. Cover universal for car

Is a universal lining It is reinforced with a double seam to make it more resistant, it also has an elastic strap that allows it to better adjust to the shape of the car. It is a fabric that allows air flow and is waterproof.

Protect your car with this universal cover and do not allow UV rays to damage the paint or the general appearance of your car. Is very easy to install and will protect your car from any type of damage caused by weather or external factors.